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Hello everybody, I really hope you are all enjoying your summer vacations:) I just got word from Callegari that there is a new scholarship up for grabs. Here is all the general info. Good luck to all that choose to enter!

Officer Announcement

AIGA Student Group is sad to announce that Cheryl Vargas has officially resigned as Treasurer. In her resignation letter she stated that she had to prioritize commitments in her life but was grateful for the opportunity. She will continue to be an AIGA member, so she will never be far. She will be missed, as we were all working hard together to plan a great year for all of you.

 However, we at AIGA don’t quit and things must move forward. We have in fact already found a replacement for this position. Congratulations to Michael Poenar our new Treasurer. He has shown himself to be a true talent and real contributor to our team. We look forward to working with him and continuing to grow AIGA.

Congratulations to the new officers!!

*********************AIGA OFFICERS FOR 2014-2015****************

The votes are in and tallied up for next years officers. Before I announce them I want to thank everyone who ran for office and everyone who showed your AIGA spirit and voted. We hope that this year has been as successful to the members as it has been for the officers. I look forward to seeing the great things to come next year.

… and now I present to you your new officers:

President: Felicia Moore
Vice President: Nathan Reed
Secretary: Megan Thomas
Treasurer: Cheryl Teresa Vargas

Congratulations to all of you!

Election Update!!!

Can’t make it to tonight’s elections, but still want to vote? Well you are in luck! Fill out this proxy ballot and e-mail it to AND by 11 AM tomorrow morning (Friday 5/2).


Proxy ballot. Please write legibly!

Your Name:

President: ___________________________________________

Vice President: ______________________________________

Secretary: ____________________________________________

Treasurer: ___________________________________________

****Election Day*****

Election Day is here! Please come to room 190 at 5:30 to vote on next year’s board. You must be a registered member to run or vote (we’ve got a list, so no funny business!).

The process will be the same as last year: each candidate will each give their 2-3 minute speech about the questionnaire (pinned as the top post) followed by an informal Q & A, if the board or members have more questions. Then we all vote! We’ll post results here within a few days.

Best of luck to all those running and see you guys tonight!

Election FAQ

Election FAQ’s

1. Do I have to be a paying AIGA member to run?

YES! You must be registered through the AIGA Chicago website ( and have e-mailed John Calligari notifying him of your membership to run for office and to vote.

2. I didn’t participate much this year. Can I still run for an officer position for next term?


3. How much time does being an officer take up?

Think of it as another class. Some weeks it’s maybe 2 hours, some weeks it’s, um, more. A lot more. A crazy amount more. But on average, about 4-6 hours each week.

4. I’m not a graphic designer. Can I still join AIGA/run for office/vote a candidate?

Not to sound like a broken record, but absolutely! All are welcome to join and participate. But be aware that the majority of our events and activities are design focused.

5. Do I have to be a member to vote in the election?

Yes, only paid AIGA members are allowed to vote in the elections. It is Chicago, but we have to be as fair as possible. No stuffing the ballot box.

6. Do I have to fill out the questionnaire if I am running unopposed?

Yes! We want to know where you see the group next year and how you fit into it.

7. What if I don’t win the presidency/VP/secretary/treasurer position?

Then you will be shunned and asked to leave the program. KIDDING! Sometimes everyone wants to run for one position leaving another one wide open or maybe the voters think you’d be a better secretary then VP because of your experience as former White House Press Secretary. So, it’s entirely possible that you may lose one position, but be offered to fill another.

If there is something this FAQ didn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the 4 current officers (Ami Rupani, Mina Paranjpe, Beth Brousil, and Jolene Waller-Choi) or e-mail the AIGA e-mail box ( and one of us will get back to you ASAP.

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